Literary Salon with Norman Jorgensen - Bassendean Memorial Library

Bassendean Memorial Library proudly presents, Australian author, Norman Jorgensen. A Literary Salon. On Wednesday 29 July 2020, The Town of Bassendean’s Senior Cultural Development Gabriella Filippi sat down with author Norman Jorgensen for an evening of discussion, exploration and review. Children’s author, Norman Jorgensen shares with us his views on writing, and on being a published author. Norman Jorgensen may have the body of an ageing historical novelist, but he has the mind of an adolescent 12-year-old boy. He writes for Australian kids just like himself. No humour or thrilling adventures are spared as his fictional characters in The Smuggler’s Curse weave through sea battles, mix with authentic freedom fighters, fight the Dutch colonial army and are nearly killed many times over in actual locations in Sumatra and Broome in 1897. Norman Jorgensen has written thirteen children’s and YA books and has won many awards, including the CBC’s Book of the Year Award, four children’s choice awards, the Crystal Kite Award from his peers, and The Henry Burgh Award in the USA. His life has been about books, having owned a bookshop, worked as a publisher’s agent and sold books to schools. His historical titles, In Flanders Fields, Jack’s Island, The Last Viking and The Smuggler’s Curse have sold thousands of copies.