The Last Viking

In Flanders Fields
December 29, 2016
From Australian award-winning children's book author. Ashe of the Outback is about the unluckiest, disaster-prone pilot who ever flew a plane. Read more...
Ashe of the Outback
January 19, 2017
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Young Josh is afraid of everything – he isn't brave like the mighty Vikings his Pop tells him of. One day Josh decides to become a fearless Viking too. He calls himself Prince Knut, builds his own armour and sails a dragon-headed longship through stormy seas. When bullies threaten Knut, he must find the courage to defend himself – and lucky for him the Viking Gods, Odin and Thor, have been watching. They won't let one of their own stand alone… James and I documented the book-making process in a blog. Come behind-the-scenes and see how we put it together, from research to sketches to finished artwork.


Josh is as brave as a Viking warrior. And not much can scare a Viking. Not even bullies. But the two littlest Vikings are so fearless they think they’re invincible. When Pop takes the family to Viking world, the two littlest Vikings go beserk. Josh is in for one rocky ride as he discovers just how far he’ll go to keep them safe.


Hardback, Paperback


Fremantle Press. 2011, 2015

Illustrated by

James Foley


9781921888106 (Hardback) 9781925163155 (Paperback)




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