Another Fine Mess 002

Another Fine Mess: 002 ISBN 978 1 92106 455 5 Paperback fiction. Middle readers. (198 x 128x 13mm) $15.00 Fremantle Press 2007.

Best friends, Michael Hardy and Woody Decker, are on a quest – a quest to go out with the two hottest chicks in the school, but, unfortunately, everything conspires against them until Michael accidentally becomes, through no efforts of his own, a reluctant town hero. You’d think all his troubles were over when he wins the Citizen Bravery Award for fighting a fire at the show grounds, but no, his life continues to spiral out of control.

A Fine Mess, published in 2004, was originally written with reluctant readers in mind, however, Another Fine Mess 002, the sequel, which continues the story of the two unluckiest dorks in Chard Valley Junior High School, has taken on a whole new life of its own. In a town populated with the oddest characters imaginable, total losers and deluded fools, these two still manage to make their readers feel superior. No one can possibly be that bad or that unlucky. Or can they?

In the funniest novel to hit the bookshelves in years, a wildly chaotic ride full of side-splitting disasters, Michael Hardy fancies himself as a world famous spy novelist and has created a fictional character, the uber-cool and dangerous Dirk Fleming, Junior MI6 Agent. But unlike Fleming, Dirk Fleming, Michael Hardy, together with his best mate, Woody Decker, would have to be the unluckiest characters in all Chard Valley. If it were raining half-naked cheerleaders at the local footy match you could be sure these two would have picked that day to go to the soccer.

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Michael and Woody are trying to impress Gerri and Gina, the hottest chicks in the school, but as reluctant members of the Bright Sparks Fire Brigade Cadets, they have no hope. They are forced to attend the local agricultural show dressed in their dorky, Noddy- style, Bright Sparks uniforms. Seriously uncool. What girl would want to be seen anywhere near them?

Will Michael and Woody be blamed when Sideshow Alley burns down, the fire truck crashes into a sewage pond, a farmer is electrocuted in a particularly sensitive spot, and a stinking, sewerage-laden willy-willy splatters their school?

And can Dirk Fleming, junior spy, survive the dreaded clutches of the infamous KGB and escape to save the world from weapons of mass destruction?