Ashe of the Outback

From Australian award-winning children's book author. Ashe of the Outback is about the unluckiest, disaster-prone pilot who ever flew a plane. Read more...

Cuthbert Robertson Ashe, bush pilot and outback hero or flying catastrophe? How does Ashe of the Outback bumble his way across a whole continent and through a whole story, causing total chaos and mayhem in his wake, and still end up as a hero of Australia? There is only one way to find out. Buy a ticket on CHAOS Air, Ashe’s own private airline, for a one-way journey to disaster with a capital D. In this graphic novel, reminiscent of the style of Asterix and Tin Tin and full of outrageous characters, slapstick comedy, jokes, puns and satire all served up with a good dose of Australian larrikinism, Captain C.R. Ashe reaches for the sky while his passengers reach for their sick bags.

Written by: Allan Langoulant, Norman Jorgensen & David Turton

Illustrations: Allan Langoulant

Published: Victoria Park, Western Australia Thomas Catt, 1992.

In the great tradition of famous Australians who taken to the skies, the continent has a new aviation hero…..Cutberth Robertson Ashe
With the support of his faithful assistant and chief mechanic, Anna McSpanna, the flying cats Kingsford an Smith, and a pilot’s best friend, the dog Biggles, Captain Ashe traverses the Australian outback.

In this first book relating the adventures of intrepid Ashe and his fearless band, Ashe of the Outback tells of the formative years of the gallant Captain, and how his bravery and incomparable flying skills saved Australia from disaster.

These are not tales for the faint-hearted, but they will leave the reader gasping for more!