The Wreckers’ Revenge (NEW)

An Interview With Me For Shelf Awareness by Maureen Eppen
March 20, 2017
The Smuggler’s Curse ISBN 9781925164190 Paperback fiction. Middle readers $17.00. 320 pages. (198 x 128 x 20mm) Fremantle Press Publisher. Year 2016
Norman the Grave Robber : A blog from Fremantle Press by Lata Periakarpan
July 3, 2019

The Wreckers' Revenge(NEW)

S ix months on from the hair-raising adventures and close calls with death in The Smuggler's Curse, Red Read is once again in trouble. Big trouble. Expelled from school and charged with assault, he is about to be brutally and painfully punished. Can Captain Black Bowen, the most infamous smuggler ever to ply the coast of northern Australia in the last years of the nineteenth century, rescue him in time? In a story bristling with danger, exciting battles, shipwrecks and killer diseases, Red is once more is forced to steel his nerves and call on all his courage while he and the crew of pirates from The Black Dragon hunt down a great lost treasure. Non-stop action, adventure and excitement await!
Publisher Fremantle Press
'I thought that the book moved at a manageable pace for a wide range of readers and it wasn’t over-complicated. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters as the story developed and it was interesting as each character had their own lovable and different features.’


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